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Safer Internet Forum 2020 - Deep dive session 1: Public and private solutions - Shared screen with speaker view
SIF support (technical)
Sign language interpretation and closed captioning will be provided throughout sessions on Wednesday and Thursday. Closed captioning can be turned on in the Zoom toolbar. For those who prefer to access closed captions via a browser, please visit https://www.text-on-tap.live/index.html#e=n2rSTFYf*m
June Lowery
European Accessibility Act will make all travel ticket sales accessible by default - by 2025. Don't know if UK will implement it... We heard this morning about problems in Iceland, where EU legislation on web accessibility for the public sector also does not apply
June Lowery
Thanks so much to both David & Stine. How many languages are the braille bricks now available in ?
June Lowery
can you please name some names David about examples of inclusive adverts ? I agree that so much depends on awareness-raising, more even than the technical skills
June Lowery
Does RNIB have a youth section, and if so, what are their main concerns or wish list? Others are allowed to ask questions BTW!
Safer Internet Forum (SIF) 2020
Kat Tremlett
The captions and alt text initiatives on Facebook have been around for quite a few years now. I wondered if there's any more recent examples of Facebook tools to make the platform more accessible to those who identify as neuro diverse?
Kat Tremlett
Hi Karl, I'm really sorry unable to unmute
Kat Tremlett
Thanks Maria, that's really good to know. Having captioning in Live videos would be really useful
Kat Tremlett
Thank you :)
June Lowery
links to the infographic and how to automatically add alt-text would be useful too thanks
Kat Tremlett
Would be great to pick up with you Caroline and look into what we can do to try and tackle this issue in the UK
Claire Levens
Great point on navigation - when we developed the Connecting Online Safety Hub, supported by Facebook that Caroline Hurst mentioned https://www.internetmatters.org/connecting-safely-online/ the young people with SEND told us so much about how navigation was so important to them as a way into resources. As a result we co-created it - do please let us know what you think of it!
Necdet Ali Diken
Hey, Maria very good Presentation but i would ask something about the transcript text. Are this datas protecet, or u using that, for Analyse?-Btw. i finde that nice that you are so inklusive!
Elizabeth Milovidov
Great job Karl and team! And awesome shout out to the interpreters for doing such a seamless job! Bravo!!
Ayşen Demir Aygün Haymana mem
thank you, you are all amazing educators
June Lowery
Thanks to all speakers, interpreters and to Karl, for a very interesting & inclusive afternoon!
David Wright
Thank you so much
Lidia de Reese
Thank you!